Frequently Asked Questions

Is this film really free?
Yes it is. You can watch it on YouTube and our website, and you can download the High Definition version to show on large screens. Click here to watch it now.

Is the curriculum really free?
Yes it is. Download it online here.

No, seriously, it’s really free? You’re not going to charge me afterwards? I don’t have to type my credit card information anywhere?
Yes. It’s REALLY FREE. We know that schools and groups have limited funds, and our only agenda is screening the film in schools nationwide as a supplement to the current drug abuse curriculum.

Is this film funded by any pharmaceutical companies?

Is this film against prescription drugs?
No. This film isn’t against prescription drug pain killers or prescription drugs of any kind when taken responsibly and under a doctor’s supervision. Talk to your doctor about what kind of pain your child is in and if alternatives are possible.

How do I talk to my child’s school administrators about the need for this film?
There is a lot of current press about prescription drug abuse and teen prescription drug abuse. Ask about the school’s current curriculum for prescription drug abuse, and let them know about this free program as primary material or supplement to their current curriculum. Additionally, inform them of the following talking points:

– Warning: Take Only as Directed is an award-winning free film and curriculum created with original music for youth entertainment and discussion without the use of scare tactics.
– The film and curriculum are available free online. Parents and teachers alike can screen the film beforehand to decide whether their children are prepared for the discussion.
– The film has already appeared on several news programs and will be a part of an iHeartRadio nationwide campaign for ending prescription drug abuse in conjunction with Partnership for Drug Free Kids.

Is this film appropriate for (insert age here)?
Although each school system is different, this musical film was written with middle and upper school students in mind. Generally speaking, students of this age are already informed about illegal drugs through their school system, and are capable of discussing legal drugs. Teachers and parents are welcome to screen the film online beforehand to decide if their children are ready for the discussion.

How do I use the curriculum?
The curriculum has lots of materials on presenting to students the facts about prescription drug abuse and activities for them to complete after the film. The curriculum is only a guide, and we recommend teachers, group leaders, counselors, and parents take an active role in choosing the best materials to talk to their young teens about prescription drug abuse.

This couldn’t actually happen to my kid, right?
Prescription drug abuse is actually a problem that impacts all types of people as opioids can be prescribed to anyone at any age from all walks of life. Frequently, families with the financial means to purchase these types of drugs who do not monitor their medicine cabinets are at high risk.

What do I do?
We recommend open communication as the best solution to prevent your child from abusing prescription drugs, selling their own prescription drugs, or participating in pharma-parties. However, extra care can be taken. Lock up prescription drugs and monitor the amount you have remaining. Ask grandparents to do the same. Monitor the number of pills your child has remaining in his or her prescription for the month. Are they frequently running low before their prescription should be refilled? If so, consider having an honest discussion with them.

But I don’t want my┬áteen to learn about this kind of behavior!
We understand that it’s scary, but believe us when we say that not knowing is scarier.

Are there other resources?
Yes. We highly recommend some of the materials on the SAMHSA website. We will post additional materials as we find them as well.